The Wichita Center for Performing Arts is a venue and cultural center in Wichita, KS that provides opportunities for youth and young adults to learn, participate in, and experience performance art.

I was asked in early 2018 to create and teach a summer course in video for the center's first batch of summer programming. While creating and doing outreach for my class, I also volunteered time as a digital consultant and producer.

The Class

What a rad experience. Over the course of the summer I had five kids each create four original shorts while learning the full production cycle. Each student received an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, and full access to shared sound, lighting, and production equipment for an entire month. At the end of the sessions we screened all their work for friends and family on a movie sized screen in the center's 470 person theater. One group of students also visited with the directors of programming for two local film festivals.

Promotional Materials

Promotion work for WCPA also fell into two main buckets -- my class and the center in general. For my class, I used the footage shot by students (and some stock materials) to edit shorts for social media. For the center in general, the work was much more broad. Some specific examples include creating branded social templates, setting up and seeding their email list, securing and setting up various social and search listings, and organizing a media kit that was used for media outreach.