Techstars is a seed stage venture capital firm that invests in hundreds of technology startups around the world.

The bulk of the companies they invest in are put through a 3-month accelerator program. Think of it like an entrepreneurial bootcamp. These accelerator programs culminate with a Demo Day, where each company gets to make their pitch to a room full of the top venture capitalists in the world.

In 2017, Techstars did their first "Techstars Anywhere" program. In this accelerator, instead of attending the demo day live and in person, potential investors were invited to an application that introduced the companies through a video pitch, and then allowed them to schedule one on one chats with the CEOs.

I was asked to shoot and edit these 'talking head' pitch videos. I can't show the actual pitches because they contain sensative information, but here is the introduction video and a sample logo animation. :)